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Our Beliefs

What you believe is sort of like the fuel in a car.  It fuels the movement.  At New Venture we are always looking for the truth through God and His words given to us in the Bible.  Here are some of the beliefs we live by:

  • The Bible is God's flawless manual for our lives.
  • God is more personally concerned about our lives than we can imagine.
  • Jesus is God making Himself known to us.
  • God is the origin of all creation.  None of this just happened.
  • Grace is the door to a relationship with God.
  • Belief, confession, repentance, and baptism are primary responses to God's grace.
  • Faith and obedience are the keys to growing in our relationship with God.
  • God lives in and through His followers by His Spirit.
  • Evil is permitted by God so that we can have a choice. Even out of evil events God can produce good and promises victory over evil to those who choose Him.
  • Death is the beginning of the rest of your life, not the end of it all.  Heaven and Hell are real places.
  • The church is to be the authentic presence of Christ by serving people like Jesus served people.